Satellite radio quality and content reviewed



There are two important characteristics that recommend satellite radio as a service most people would like to have in their vehicles or homes: quality and content. When talking about quality we mostly refer to how clear the sound output is from satellite radio when compare to terrestrial radio broadcasts.

Content, on the other hand, refers to the quality of the transited material. This is where the two giants in the satellite radio industry – Sirius and XM Radio – battle it out.

The quality of the receivers and the technologies they both use are similar, but the difference can be made when it comes to exclusive high quality content. Let’s have a look at both the satellite radio quality and content characteristics:

Broadcasting quality

The broadcast quality is, when put in numbers, of 128kb/s 44.1khz for both digital radio service providers. This is the equivalent of CD quality.

Although the coverage of satellite radio, which is far superior to what any terrestrial radio station can deliver, is an important factor, the quality of the sound is what brought Sirius and XM Radio more subscribers.

There are many similarities to the way digital television worked or how cable TV has over 80% of the US population as subscribers, although they can receive free programming using UHF and VHF antennas.

It’s the same with satellite radio – although one can get free terrestrial radio, satellite radio comes at an affordable price and offer a broadcasting quality that is superior to analog radio. Also keep in mind that satellite radio is commercial free – and this is huge selling point.

The high analog-to-digital conversion quality means that there will be no sound interferences, hissing sounds and other audio disturbances characteristic to FM and AM transmissions.

This is mostly obvious when listening to music on your satellite radio system. The bass is much stronger and accurate, while the high sound levels are crystal clear.

There is also a stronger mid range of sounds that you will consider to be more robust and accurate than what terrestrial radio produces. Although someone with a trained ear will tell you the music quality is not exactly as good as CD quality, it is extremely close and for the largest majority of users this difference is not even noticeable.


So now that we know how good the technological side of satellite radio really is, let’s have a look at how broadcasters are trying to improve the quality of the content they provide.

One of the most interesting approaches was to fight for obtaining exclusivity over some transmissions. For example, negotiations have been carried out between XM Radio and MLB in order for the satellite radio provider to obtain exclusivity rights to broadcast all MLB games.

In an interview to WSJ, Edison Media Research’s President Larry Rosin declared that “it is probably inevitable that baseball radio broadcasts will go to a 100% subscription model… It will happen because there’s too much money in it not to do it.” Today, around 23% of XM subscribers are signed up to receive the MLB transmissions, so there is real potential in such a venture.

Of course, this would be a terrific blow against terrestrial radio and the two sides are engaged in combat while you are reading this.

Of course, content quality can also be increased by having the best people in the industry work with satellite radio. Both Sirius and XM Radio know that someone who pays $300 for a receiver and $10 – $12 each month for a radio service wants to get the best content out there.

Surprisingly, when it comes to music channels, the difference in content quality between satellite radio and terrestrial radio is made in one main topic – commercials (or rather, lack of commercials on satellite radio).

Since most of XM Radio and Sirius channels are in-house productions and only a small percentage are retransmits of terrestrial radio, this becomes an interesting aspect to consider.


Dr. Drum Digital Music MP3 As An Expression Of Identity

The Dr. Drum beat maker is a new program geared towards beginners who want to create kick-ass beats without spending hours learning how to operate a complex program.

It has a wide range of features, such as a 16-track sequencer, four-octave keyboard and 12-pad drum machine, and promises ease of use combined with professional quality. I’ve parted with my $40, downloaded the program and started making my own beats, and now I’m ready to share my thoughts.

The first thing that struck me about Dr. Drum is the intuitive layout. I’ve used numerous beat-making programs in the past, and I felt instantly at home.


I didn’t even have to watch the video tutorials available on the member’s section of the website. For beginners, the program would still be simple to use; the main sequencer screen has a grid to arrange samples on and a clearly labelled mixer.

You place the samples you like on a track, positioned according to when you want them to kick in. The bars are marked along the top of the main grid, so you’ll always know where you are in your composition.

The audio quality is second to none. The beats you make are exported in professional-quality, 44.1 stereo .WAV files, which are a must if you want to be taken seriously in the industry. The samples have been professionally recorded and mastered, so your compositions aren’t dragged down by poor quality components.


In terms of being able to shape your sound, the mixer has options for adjusting the highs, mids and lows, as well as for muting tracks and playing them solo. You can also pan the audio into the left or right speaker to create a more detailed stereo experience for your listeners.

The 12-pad drum machine and four-octave keyboard are useful if the multitude of samples included just aren’t enough. You can use the drum machine with any of the included drum sounds or even upload your own, and create individualised beats to set your compositions apart from the crowd.

Likewise, the keyboard includes a wide range of instrument sounds, including guitars, saxophones, pianos and a selection of sound effects. You can easily upload your own if you want more variety.


Overall, Dr. Drum has everything you could need to create beats, and is cheaper than its competitors. Such a high level of control over your sound is hard to reconcile with ease of use, but the program has managed to achieve just that.

It’s a great choice for beginners, and it will also teach you some useful skills that can be carried across to other programs. The simplicity with which you can upload your own samples means that Dr. Drum stays fresh, and will become a valued partner in your creative endeavours.


Music As An Expression Of Identity

 Music Can  Expresses Our Emotions at Times

Music  is something too sweet to the soul. It is said to voice your expressions. In Indian movies there are mostly songs that tend to depict the story background to the audience.
The movies are generally musical in nature. Songs tend to produce a unique energy to create the environment. It relaxes your mind and soul.

Soft tunes in songs are soothing to the ears.
Some songs create a great impact on daily lives of the people. They are blended with meaningful lyrics that carry a message in it. In the4 contemporary time life simply can not be imagined without melody.

They add an emotional element. It is really hard to imagine any movie without tunes. Without music even the best directed movie would seem vague and tasteless.

Musicians of today are focusing on technologically advanced musical tools to generate their art and the public is currently focusing on more technologically advanced tools to access their music.

Music is the art of best arrangement of the sounds, the music is not just the entertainment the people but the some music like folk music represents the social culture of the particular society.

Music is really best activity for the refresh mood. The new generation of the music is major differing from the original culture music, however this new generation of music love by youth.

Music is one of the few things that bring life in so many situations in life. It helps you enjoy your uneventful and simple day and makes you revel in the beauty of a planned party at your friend’s house.

The folk or alternative songs help make life a reality. You can live and enjoy your day as the music adds color it. The otherwise boring and empty canvas that sometimes mark your life is beautifully transformed by your music.

Music helps you break barriers and boundaries that can confine you into your own little world. When you enter a room full of strangers and you hear some nice music playing, your worries ceases as you know everything is okay.

The folk, indie or alternative song helps relax your tense muscles. The music acts as a great way to introduce yourself to someone you like in the room.

Music Coaching has been one of the raging professions in not only cities but this profession has been carried to other countries over the globe.

Playing and singing can be a perfect duo combination if you’re really born to enter this profession. Your teaching commitment is not always safe as you never know when any dangers strike in while you’re teaching for private classes.

Music can most definitely be used to bring one’s self pleasuring experiences to a new level; a man is free to choose whatever music he desires when settling in for a good fondle. However, when a partner is involved, it’s important.

Music is one of the many things that make life a little more exciting. Just imagine living in a world without music. Your parents probably wanted to enroll you into music lessons so that you could gain skills and use your full potential when you were younger.

While everyone enjoys listening to music, not everyone has the skills to play an instrument. Because there was simply a lack of motivation, this could be due to not having the opportunity or.

No matter what age you are in, it is never too late to spice up your life and learn a new musical instrument. If you are still having a hard time deciding which instrument to learn, let us take a look at some of the most popular instruments and somehow help you determine which one’s best for you.eep her or his taste in mind when picking the music.


Learning To Play The Piano A Music Lesson


The music of the piano can be heard almost anywhere including clubs, schools, churches, symphonies, and at home. Once you get into a routine for each music lesson you take, you’ll find that making time to practice is something you look forward to.

At Hear and Play, we know that finding the right music lesson to get you started at learning to play the piano is the key to creating a successful new hobby or passion. We offer online learning guides and reference tools to effectively help you learn to play music by ear. Contact us today at to learn more.

Each music lesson is designed to teach you what you need in order to advance to the next level. And it also means you can go back to a lesson at a A Music Lessonny time to review what you’ve already learned.

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments today. Most people who are starting out choose to play the piano because of its diversity and simplicity. Once you learn to play the piano, you’ll be able to pick up almost any other instrument and be able to produce some type of quality sound.

A good music lesson is simply the best way to learn how to play the piano. It’s this confidence that is going to keep you wanting to play the piano and increase your musical knowledge and ability.

When looking for the right style of piano to play, you should consider how serious you are about learning. You will find some pianos are extremely expensive, and this type of piano may not be necessary for someone who is just starting out. Pianos do tend to hold their value, and if you take good care of it you can probably sell it many years later for a decent price when you are ready to replace it with something newer.

Learning online through an online piano course is a great way to play in your own home without having to fuss with scheduling or finding a teacher. You decide when you want to learn your next lesson, as well as when you have the confidence to move on to the next music lesson. Many people are already finding out how easy it so to learn how to play the piano on their own.


What is satellite radio and how is it different

Radio that reaches far beyond normal frequencies


Satellite radio is often considered one of the biggest improvements in broadcasting since the introduction of the FM band. Satellite radio is also called subscription radio or pay-radio because it is only available trough subscription to one of the satellite radio providing companies.

Satellite radio follows a concept similar to cable television by providing a very wide range of programs which are not available in the traditional FM or AM format for a fee.

Satellite radio uses satellites to deliver radio programs to subscribers.

The radio signal is broadcasted from Earth based stations to communicational satellites, which then redirect the signal to satellite radio receivers.

The radio signal is broadcasted by communication satellites to a much larger area than traditional terrestrial radio antennas.

For example, satellite radio is available al across the continental area of the United States. Satellite radio is available now in most parts of the world trough services provided by companies like WorldSpace (in Europe, Asia and Africa), Sirius and XM Radio (in North America).

The radio signal you receive using satellite radio is digital, which means that it is always clear and static-free, which is one of the great advantages of satellite radio. Another great thing about satellite radio is that it is almost completely commercial-free.

To begin listening to satellite radio you will need the actual satellite radio (also known as tuner or receiver), a satellite radio antenna (which is often incorporated in the satellite radio) and a subscription to the service you choose.

There are several types of satellite radio from which you can choose. One of them is the dedicated car or home radio, which play trough your car or home stereo.

A second option is the plug-and-play radio, which can be used in your car, as well as in your home by paying a single subscription. Your third option is the portable radio, which has rechargeable battery, a built-in antenna and you can listen to it wherever you go using headphones.

The radio signals offered by different satellite radio companies are proprietary, which means that you will need different hardware for receiving, decoding and playback, depending on your subscription.

Each satellite radio receiver has its own serial number called Radio ID. When you get your subscription, you will also get an activation code for your receiver. The actual radio programs, satellite radio transmits metadata that contains the name of the artist, the title of the song or program, as well as the name of the channel.

This makes it easier for you to decide which channel to listen to and which program to choose.

Satellite radio services provide the subscriber with more than 100 programs that vary in content from rock and jazz to rap and classical music.

Satellite radio’s utility reaches far beyond listening to your favorite music without the interruption of those annoying commercials. Satellite radio also offers exclusive sports programs, cultural and educational shows, news and talk-shows.

Some of the celebrities that have moved their shows from free radio to satellite radio include Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, Bob Edwards and Martha Stewart. Unlike terrestrial radio, satellite radio is not affected by bad weather or even calamities.

At first, many people wondered why they should pay for radio if they can get it free. Satellite radio attracts more and more people every year due to its great advantages: no commercials, extensive reach, theme programs and exceptional quality of sound.


Music copyright law Today


Music licensing is a very good technique to help new comers to this flourishing and successful music industry to protect their music from being stolen by the so called experienced music composers who have been in the industry for a long time but are actually counterfeiters who can not create a tune to even save their own lives.

With the help of license music you can stop such frauds from ruining the reputation of the whole music industry.

The other best thing about music licensing is that all the license music along with the names of their composers is kept in an online library.

The usability of these libraries is that if film producers or directors are looking for fresh and original compositions they can find it from these libraries and give the composer a call.

You can say that these license music libraries serve as a meeting point for up coming composers looking for a break and people offering the break.

Music copyright law has separate copyrights for the vocal or instrumental recordings of a composition or performance and the copyright of the written lyrics and music. Standard music copyrighting practices usually entail that the writer of the song retains the rights to the right to the music composition which the studio that did the recording of the music holds the rights of the recording. Music copyright law can get very complicated. It can involve negotiations with the writers, producers, agents, heirs and more.

Music has long affected the politics of the United States. Political parties and movements frequently use music and song to communicate their ideals and values, and to provide entertainment at political functions.
The presidential campaign of William Henry Harrison was the first to greatly benefit from music, after which it became standard practice for major candidates to use songs to create public enthusiasm.
In more recent decades, politicians often chose theme songs, some of which have become iconic; the song “Happy Days Are Here Again”, for example, has been associated with the Democratic Party since the 1932 campaign of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Since the 1950s, however, music has declined in importance in politics, replaced by televised campaigning with little or no music. Certain forms of music became more closely associated with political protest, especially in the 1960s. Gospel stars like Mahalia Jackson became important figures in the Civil Rights Movement, while the American folk revival helped spread the counterculture of the 1960s and opposition to the Vietnam War.


Online Guitar Lessons


Online Guitar Lessons– Learn how to select, buy, string, tune and, of course, play the guitar in the privacy of your own home at your own pace by learning from experienced guitarist
The best online guitar lessons will usually offer tuition to the complete beginner and you should take a look at these whatever your present ability a online or
The Guitar Tricks online guitar instructional program has been around for the better part of a decade, and has a library of hundreds of videos from dozens of professional guitar players.
As mentioned previously online guitar lessons are a great learning resource. You take a guitar site who has been around for a number of years chances are they will continue to add more content to there site to improve it for its visitors.
Another major reason that online guitar lessons are becoming more and more popular is because of convenience.

Perhaps you are learning bass guitar, or jazz, and the academy does not have lessons for either of those. There is much more variety online, and you do not have to dig as deep into your pockets to pay for it.
Jamplay is among the internet largest online guitar lessons assets. Having clear step by step guitar videos, lessons in Jamplay come with supplementary resources.
Tip Number Three Sign up for the free online guitar lessons if you need to. Don’t be afraid of giving your email address in order to get your free lessons.

In the last 5 years or so, more people are signing up to online guitar lessons. The use of tab books, dvds or CDs are good for learning but to make the jump from good to great I suggest checking out some form of online guitar lessons. These sites are great tools for learning guitar, also great for picking up introduction e books which will help you develop.

At this point you may be wondering how online guitar lessons even work. Your instructor may want to pass along feedback or lesson material sometime during the day when you are not on.

I learned to play the guitar by taking free online guitar lessons and then eventually I signed up for a course that suited me. Within about 2 months I was playing quite well.
As opposed to paying a tutor per lesson, an online guitar course can cost as little as $40 for an entire course with ear training software to boot!ould have it.
Another Tip When you find via the free online guitar lessons a course that suits you then don’t be cheap. Most of the courses available are not at all expensive and if you are learning well from a certain course then you should stick with it even if you do have to pay for it. Usually a whole course will cost less than one private lesson!

Any of these courses would be a good choice for online guitar beginner lessons, but you should really check additional opinions before putting down the money. Here’s a first hand experience of someone’s encounter with Jamorama.


Listening To Today’s Music, Makes Your Music Better.

Music Today What’s It Coming Too

A lot of artists don’t do this, and they miss out on a whole entire market of possible customers! The goal is to capture the attention of these people through mass media such as the radio and tv, so that they will purchase the album. Once they buy the album, they will then have access to the rest of your different styles.

Listening To Today’s Music, To Make Your Own Music Better …

If you listen to today’s music on the radio, you will hear a wide variety of songs and beats. You even nowadays hear people singing over hip hop beats, and people rapping over r & b beats! The two genres are blending a lot in today’s music.

One of the mistakes that many underground rap artists make is, they are so concerned about being what they call “real” as in being gangsta or hard.

It seems like they are more concerned about being “real” then they are about selling records and making money. So they use only beats that are hard and “gangsta” sounding.

They talk about shooting and killing over these hard rap beats. It’s ok for them to do this if this is what they want, but every song on the album can’t be that way if they want to be a successful multi-platinum selling artist. If you want to get your music on the radio, and on BET or MTV, you have to have at least a few singles, that are more commercial.

Keep This in Mind:

So the point is, if your goal is to capture as many sells as you can, then you have to make music that everybody can listen to. You can’t make music only for the streets. You have to make it for the streets, the club, the radio/tv, and for the car.

That way, you can receive sells and money from all of those different markets, instead of just from the streets. Today’s hit music has one thing in common: No matter how stupid it may sound, it is catchy. Don’t believe me? Listen to Laffy Taffy! It may get horrible ratings from a lot of Hip-Hop Heads, but the girls love it, and it sticks with you.

Think about it: How many times have you talked about it with someone since the song came out? How many times have you listened to it when it came on the radio just to see how stupid it was?

People in the streets will burn your CD! Listeners from the Radio and T.V. will buy your CD!
Which one do you think will get you to Platinum Status Faster?
My artists are going to sell 200,000+ CD’s this year! How about you?


Classical Music And Your Brain Waves



Classical Beats


What is the connection between music and the brain? Is it possible that music can help you think better? The research says yes, and after telling you about some of it, I’ll let you in on an even faster way to boost your brain power with music.

Music And The Brain – The Research

The research shows that music actually trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Listening to, and participating in music also creates new neural pathways in your brain that stimulate creativity.

An article in a Newsweek (2/19/2014) reported on a study from the University of California.

In the study, researchers followed the progress of three-year-olds, split into two groups.

The first group had no particular training in, or exposure to music. The second group studied piano and sang daily in chorus.

After eight months the musical three-year-olds were much better at solving puzzles, and when tested, scored 80 % higher in spatial intelligence than the non-musical group.

Brain Music

A study on music and the brain, done at UC Irvine’s Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory involved 36 students.

They were given three spatial reasoning tests on a standard IQ test.

Just before the first test, they listened to Mozart’s sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448 for ten minutes.

Before the second test, they listened to a relaxation tape.

Before the third, they sat in silence.

The average scores for all 36 students: 1st test: 119. 2nd test: 111. 3rd test: 110.

That’s an average increase of 9 iq points from listening to Mozart. It’s assumed that their intelligence didn’t increase, but that the music put them in a state that gave them better access to the resources of their brains.

Other studies do show that repeated exposure to slow music can permanently increas you IQ, so play that Mozart! Brain Wave Entrainment

Your brain wave frequencies vary according to the state you are in.

Daydreaming and meditation usually take place in the “Alpha” range of frequencies. Alert concentration is in the “Beta” range.

“Brain wave entrainment” products have beats, usually embedded in music, that your brain starts to follow.

If you listen to music containing beats at a frequency of 10 Hz (in the Alpha range) it will feel very relaxing. This is because your brain will begin to follow this frequency and reproduce the rhythm in the music.

You’ll generate more brain waves at a 10 Hz frequency and enter a relaxed Alpha mental state. This is the idea behind brain wave entrainment.

This may be why some types of music have certain effects, but not all brain wave entrainment Cds use music.

Some use the raw “binaural beats” as they are sometimes called, embedded in white noise, or in sounds of nature. (I have used these products and find them to be pretty powerful, especially the ones for relaxation.).

Whether you use “binaural beats,” or just pop a Mozart CD into the player, you can increase your brain power easily. Try it today. It is doubtful that Mozart will harm you, so why wait for more research to be done on music and the brain?


What Does The Acoustic Guitar Sound Like

Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is hollow-bodied and uses only acoustic techniques to produce sound which means it does not have electric amplification. Its name is a retronym of the electric guitar to differentiate them from each other. Its strings could be made of steel or nylon while its top plate could be made of cedar or spruce. At the top is a circular hole with a diameter of 3.25 inches to 3.5 inches which strengthens and reinforces the produced sound.

Sound production

Generally, guitars produce sound through the strings’ vibration. The increase of volume is done by the sound box consisting of a resonant cavity and a soundboard. The vibration of the strings also causes vibration of the soundboard. It has a much larger area than the strings which means that is also produces a louder sound.

Sound waves are created coming from the back and front panels as the soundboard is vibrating. The sound box serves as a resonant cavity and reflects the sound waves produced. The sound volume increases greatly compared to the primary volume created by the strings. Some sound is then projected out of the hole.

Acoustic guitar qualities

The acoustic guitar has eight basic qualities – volume, balance, dynamic range, cutting power, tone, presence, sustain, and separation.

Some guitars have a higher volume compared to others but it does not mean that these guitars produce better sound output. There are many other qualities to consider. Calling a guitar balances means that all of its notes have the same level of power. The guitar should not have too much midrange.

The dynamic range is the ability of the guitar to easily switch from very loud to very soft. The cutting power is the capability of the guitar to be audible even when accompanying other instruments. This does not mean that a guitar must always be loud but it means fitting and filling dry areas instead.

The variation of tone depends on the acoustic guitar’s material and method of construction. Even if two guitars are from the same manufacturer and are the same model, these do not have exactly the same sound. The presence refers to the quality and distinguished sound produced when playing the guitar both softly and loudly.

The sustain is how long a note will sound well after picking the string while separation is hearing the individual notes distinctly.

Different playing styles

A few guitar styles aside from the regular guitar playing are bluegrass playing, blues, jazz, big band, lap style, flamenco, and classical playing. A guitar style has a suitable type of guitar. Smaller guitars made of mahogany are very good for blues while nylon string guitars made with rosewood are for classical playing.

Flamenco playing is best with nylon string guitars made with Spanish cypress which are thinner than the classical guitar.

Acoustic guitar care

The best way to keep the acoustic guitar from accumulating dirt is using a case for storage protection but you could also use a cover. Choose a guitar cover that is easy to take off and put on and has a fabric material.

To avoid sweat marks on your guitar, you could wear a sweat band when playing. Place it below the elbow or wherever area in your arm that rests on the guitar’s side. Use a brush to buff and remove light scratches on the pickguard. If the scratch is deeper, use water sand and sand paper and micro mesh sand papers and buff the pickguard after.

Use a tiny piece of thin cardboard folded in half to clean stings and frets every week. Hook the folded cardboard under a string and slide it up and down to remove the dirt and oil that has built up.